So … out for a little bit of a mini adventure, in the form of a first look at a couple of unusual DT combinations with high-ish terrain ratings. Neither likely to be quick, at least one falling (imho) into the “will need more than one visit” category. First one, took a few moments to work out which bits of the listing were actually relevant – a lot of it wasn’t, security by obfuscation as it were. Sussed it out eventually, off to next stage, info gained for next stage. Not really dressed for it, had only come for a bit of a look, but surely it wouldn’t hurt to investigate further …

First step: Ankle-deep.

Second step: Knee-deep.

Third step: Groin-deep.

Fourth step: Backwards.

Don’t mind having boots full of water, but I’d had to shove my phone – which isn’t waterproof – down my bra, and I wasn’t sure that would be high enough! So, didn’t get anywhere near final GZ, but now I know what I need to do by way of having a proper go at it.

Then another multi, less aquatic and more in terms of leg-breaking verticality. First stage was up a tree, spotted it easily from the ground, went and joined it up there, fished the second-stage instructions out of the pot … and then, suddenly, the instructions weren’t in the tree. Oops.

Thankfully they landed somewhere reasonably accessible, so all that happened was that I got to do the climb twice. Butterfingers.

Off to final GZ, or rather what turned out to be thirty feet below it. Came intending to do more of a recce than anything else because the tree climb certainly didn’t justify the terrain rating in its own right and the final looked to involve some interesting rope tricks. Had a good scout around, can now think of at least three ways of approaching the final problem and, again, know what kit I need to bring. Which always helps. My car isn’t infinitely large, and I don’t have access to a mule train for ferrying stuff to GZ, so I can’t just bring the entire contents of the kit cupboard, garage, toolbox, various friends’ kit cupboards, bike sheds and boat sheds, etc etc …

So, never really got to GZ in either case. But I made significant progress on both of them, and I had fun doing it. Happy days.