Out yesterday for a bit of a tub-hunt, and came across this:

This is supposed to be a geocache?

This is supposed to be a geocache?

Yes, it’s a cardboard tube. Well, half a cardboard tube. It is supposed to be a geocache.

Now, I’m sure there are parts of the world where half a cardboard tube would be an ideal cache container, but the wet, wet UK isn’t one of them. Other things that don’t (usually) work well as cache containers include plastic bags, takeaway containers, drinks cans and anything else that is neither waterproof nor sufficiently robust to withstand several months in an ivy-covered tree.

So, how do we assess whether a container is suitable? I’d like to suggest the following as a method:

(1) Select a suitable container. Fill it with toilet paper.
(2) Take the container, some money and a pair of large and fluffy walking socks to your nearest pub.
(3) Approach the drunkest person in there, and buy them another pint.
(4) Get said drunk person to put the socks over their hands, and, still wearing them, remove and replace the lid on your container.
(5) Without doing anything further to adjust the position of the lid, take the container home. (Don’t forget to retrieve your socks.)
(6) Drop-kick the container the full length of your garden. Leave it wherever it lands.
(7) A month later, go and retrieve it. If the toilet paper is still dry, the container is probably up to the job.