Out for a quick wander round a local-ish series on Sunday. All two-stage multis, first stages a mixture of field puzzles and the interesting novelty hides that the CO is well-known for. All very enjoyable, so far so good.

The final caches are all ammo cans.

Now, I don’t have anything against ammo cans. You can get plenty of swag in them if you want to, they’re reasonably robust (they wear out eventually, but what doesn’t?), they’re pretty much idiot-proof and they close with a nice, solid “clonk” so you know you’ve done them up properly. However, they are worth actual money – they seem to start at about fifteen quid these days – and as such are an obvious target for thieves.

The series CO is well aware of this, having lost quite a few before, and has said that if more than three of them go missing he will archive the series. Which will be a shame, because they’re very good caches.

So … say on the cache listing that they’re ammo cans, say on the listing that you know they get nicked (just in case anyone hadn’t considered the possibility) … and then archive a series that must have taken a lot of time and effort to set up when, as will happen sooner or later, they start to go missing?