Easter, Dartmoor, wet. Ok weather on Friday, but it then proceeded to piss it down persistently until I was packing up to go home on Tuesday. Down there for the letterbox meet – actual traditional-style letterboxing, not hybrid geocaches – bought a full set of charity walks and managed to get one done. In intermittent hail, which was nice.
Yes, really. Letterboxing is still very, very paper-based. Paper clue sheets, rubber stamps onto more paper etc, and, unlike rain, hail can at least be shaken off before it soaks in. And only *some* of the box sites were underwater …..

It's under the one in the middle.

It’s under the one in the middle.

The other highlights of the weekend were a local geocaching event (cake, yum), and three FTFs. Two hundred miles from home, so I can only assume the locals didn’t want to go out in the rain?