So …. arrange with lettings agent to have flat inspection re-scheduled for when I’m actually in, ie Saturday morning. Would have liked to go to local NaNoWriMo planning event, but flat inspection has to take priority, sadly.

Tidy everything away, touch up paintwork, scrub entire flat to within an inch of its life, polish u-bends, hide any evidence of real life actually taking place ….

Up very very early on Saturday morning, more time spent scrubbing random corners with a toothbrush, no breakfast in order to avoid leaving crumbs. And spend the morning waiting, and waiting, and waiting … no, not for Godot, but for a lettings agent who’s insufficiently literate to read her own diary and hence doesn’t actually turn up.

Presumably the company that owns the building gets charged for this “service”.

Spent the afternoon wandering round one of the local parks trying to scope out somewhere to put a bit of a multi. Do-able, but doesn’t really add anything to the local caching … but did spot a subject for a decent field puzzle, so will do that instead. Except it’ll have to wait until the flat inspection actually happens, because the bits I need to build the field puzzle are currently behind three feet of other stuff, which is what happens when you live in a very small flat and have to try and force all your possessions into one cupboard when you want to make things look tidy.

And then to Sunday, and zargos’s excellent BAB series. Enjoyable walk, some very nicely crafted camouflage jobs, well worth doing!