Beer festival on Friday night, and hence a rather slow start on Saturday morning, so I took the opportunity to knock off a new-ish series close to home, and to take care of some unfinished business from earlier this summer.

New series, first. They’re the first proper series placed by someone fairly new to the game, and in some areas it shows. It features a confusing double-back in the middle, has an awkward tree climb somewhere about as public as it’s possible to get, and then stops randomly miles from the start. All the caches feature a plastic bag with a “Please seal me properly” note on it, which rather implies that the CO knows the containers he’s using aren’t waterproof (and they aren’t) but has chosen to use them anyway. On the other hand, the hides were sensible ones, the caches were all there, and while some of the locations were rather public, the caches themselves (tree climb excepted) were in positions where it wasn’t too obvious what I was doing. I’ve done far worse series.

And then, in the afternoon, unfinished business in the form of a series round Cheswick Green. I’d done this series before, but, because I’m an idiot, I’d managed to lose my notes, and, when I eventually found them, the lack of detail was impressive in an “Ok, so which of these did I even find?” sort of way. The best way to sort things out seemed to be to do the series again.

I’m glad I did. Because they were a series of great camo jobs – plus a non-series field puzzle from the same CO on the way round – and a good walk too. I can see why I didn’t think I needed to make many notes the first time round. First in the series is GC5VCQM, well worth doing if you’ve not done them.

And then out came the wellingtons. A local “Special Ops” cache, wellies and torch required. We’ve had a bit of a spell of dry weather recently, so the water level wasn’t too bad and I stayed dry.

So, to Sunday. Encouraged by Saturday’s success, I decided to have another go at a couple of “wet” caches that I’d previously looked at and rejected on grounds of common sense. Up first: GC3FZ4Z Ouse Dyke is it.

I’d looked at this one – very briefly – earlier in the year and decided to leave it, largely because the nettles guarding the entrance were bigger than I was. But they’ve started to die off now, so I made a successful entrance and, torch on, waded off up the tunnel … only to have a slight sweary moment about 30m in when it suddenly got much deeper and my wellies filled up with water. Thankfully, it didn’t get any deeper than that.

The other “unfinished business” was GC46G8W. Again, I’d looked at this previously, but decided not to venture into the raging torrent on that occasion. The river was very calm this time round, and barely deep enough to wet the tops of my wellies. No worries.