“Writing discipline” I said. That’d be why this blog hasn’t been updated for ages, then.

So, what’s happened since?

Lots of geocaches have been found. I now have nine complete DT grids. The kittens in the previous post are now adult cats. The lego has undergone a population explosion.

And I am going to become an aunt. My brother announced this by emailing the entire family a copy of the 12-week scan. This looked as though his missus is pregnant with either an alien or a bath sponge, but I am assured by those with experience in interpreting such things that it is a baby human, honest.

I shall have to practice being a bad influence. After all, what every child needs is an auntie who comes out with things like “I wonder how many bulldog clips would fit on your cat” and “It’s actually quite easy to make a gun out of lego”.