My brother having recently become a surrogate dad to two gorgeous ginger kittens, it was clearly time to pay him a visit. (Brothers, of course, are two a penny – kittens, on the other hand ….)

So, not much caching this weekend, due to hours and hours on the motorway and then even more hours playing with two little balls of ginger fluff. Awwwww.

SONY DSCIn fact, said fluffballs plus dinner with brother #2 and his keeper missus meant the weekend only held three caches. Then again, they did knock off three needed DT combinations – two challenges I already qualified for, and a trad that I suspect is a bit over-graded. Which begs a bit of a question: if you have a container and location where experienced cachers will instantly suspect what’s going on, but people who haven’t seen one before won’t even know where to start … how on earth *do* you rate it?