… both of which were satisfying, in their own ways. Saturday was a classic Grand Day Out – sunshine, two long walks, lots of caches, and a finish in the dark – of a type that I haven’t enjoyed for quite a while for various weather-related reasons. It also featured a container of a type I genuinely hadn’t seen before (which had me kicking myself about a DNF a few weeks back where it would appear that I had the cache in my hand at one point and didn’t realise), and this fine gentleman lurking unexpectedly in a garage:

IMG_1315I had a bit of a “what to wear” dilemma in the morning, in that walking boots are far more comfortable, but wellies keep you much drier. I went with wellies, despite the ground looking dry-ish, and in the end was glad I did.

IMG_1317And thence to Sunday. Only a half-day’s caching due to shooting in the morning, and a cache series in the afternoon which I suspect has been abandoned by the owner and where the pots desperately needed more – or at least some – camouflage. But what redeemed it as a day was getting to bag two more needed DTs – one of which could have been an absolute pig to find (GPS bouncing under the trees, lots of trees to look at and it was a micro), but where a bit of instinct and a lot of luck made it a very quick find.

I am now well on my way to going round the DT grid for the seventh time. Which sounds like a lot, but there are people around who are in double figures.