Ooo, looky. It’s a blog. And it’s all shiny and new and hasn’t got any words on it, which isn’t how blogs are supposed to be.

“Halifax. Frogspawn. Peas.”

Much better. ::o)

So, what’s this blog for, then?

It’s here mostly as an exercise in writing discipline – that is, forcing myself to apply fingers to keyboard and actually do something about some of the ideas floating around in my thick little skull (as opposed to the alternative, which is lounging around thinking about them in the bath until the water goes cold and I get my toe stuck up the hot tap. Again.)

It’s also an attempt to address what appears to be becoming a 21st-century social norm in that life seems to be more about making wildly unexciting experiences appear interesting on the internet than it is about actually *having* exciting experiences. Instead, I’m going to try to do the opposite – that is, I’m going to go and have fun, and then do my best to make it look really boring online.

There will be geocaching. Rather a lot of geocaching, actually. And also beer, mud and, well, “miscellaneous”. Probably rather a lot of miscellaneous …